Change Management

Change management is crucial to the success and sustainment of any process or initiative, although all too often leaders underestimate the importance of the people side of change and tackle it at the last minute, if at all. There’s no question that in general, people are resistant to change. That makes change management strategy complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Simplify complex change by breaking it down into manageable milestones. While there’s no silver bullet, existing models of change do work - the problem typically lies in the execution or overlooking the people impacts. By training leaders on change management process, building employee resilience, and expanding their influence, HR can navigate change management challenges and proactively plan for sustained change across the short and long-term. McLean & Company offers our members practical, step-by-step project blueprints, training, tools, templates, assessments, and surveys to help HR leaders simplify and enable change management to drive lasting change. In addition, expert guidance and interactive workshops are also available across a range of topics to enhance and accelerate project completion.


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