Tools & Templates

Pay Transparency and Communications Plan

Develop a pay transparency strategy that suits your organization and draft a communications plan that aligns to your strategic objectives.

Salary Administration Guidelines

Establish salary controls now to help avoid salary pain in the future, by using the Salary Administration Guidelines template.

Employee Wellbeing Program Planning Tool

Use this tool to outline the wellbeing program plan and document the process with the project team in conjunction with the blueprint, Provide Balanced Wellbeing Programs.

Sample Wellbeing Initiatives List

Use this list of wellbeing offerings, benefits, and rewards to begin discussion and shortlist practices for the employee wellness strategy.

Sourcing Analysis Tool

Use this tool to assess the current sourcing approach and evaluate results in terms of process, programs, and people.

Competency Analysis Handout

Provide this template to talent acquisition specialists to perform a self-evaluation against seven competencies key to sourcing effectively in today's competitive talent...

Sourcing Plan Template

Use this template to plan for anticipated and unanticipated roles identified in the strategic workforce plan (SWP) and build a talent pipeline.

Intake Meeting Guide

Use this template to understand the hiring managers' needs during the intake meeting.

Job Ad Guide

Use this template as a guide to create attractive, eye-catching job advertisements.

Sourcing Program Action Planning Tool

Use this tool to build action plans that optimize or develop talent acquisition sourcing programs.
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