Tools & Templates

Use Team Traditions to Reinforce Connection in a Hybrid Environment

Use this resource to support connection, bonding, and team culture regardless of work location.

People Leadership in a Hybrid Environment Workbook

Use this workbook to capture key information and decisions while working through a plan for hybrid team leaders.

EXM Primer for Managers

Use this primer to prepare people leaders to facilitate productive team meetings.

EXM Stakeholder Presentation Template

Use this template to communicate key messages to stakeholders.

EXM Manager Guide

Use this guide to provide people leaders with more detailed guidance on interpreting and acting on EXM data.

EXM Workbook

Use this workbook to document key information, decisions, and progress as you work through the Employee Experience Monitor Survey Guide.

TA Process Efficiency Ideas Catalog

Use this catalog to explore solutions that can increase efficiency across the entire talent acquisition process, from requisition to offer.

Job Evaluation Participant Guide

Customize this template to provide job evaluation participants with key information to understand the job evaluation process.

Communications Guide Poster Template

Use this poster as a visual aid to guide users toward the best communication channel for different message types.

Meeting Challenges and Best Practices

Identify your organization's key meeting challenges and best practices to fix them.
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