Tools & Templates

Retirement Letter Template

Use this template to help retiring employees transition out of the organization by providing them with the necessary information needed to facilitate a smooth retirement.

Combat Project Management Barriers Reflection Tool

HR professionals can use this tool to visualize the capacity on the project team to determine task owners across the project timeline.

Mentoring Project Plan

Use this template to map out the mentoring program's essential details and project progress.

Mentee Preparation Checklist

Use this checklist to set the mentoring relationship up for success with an efficient and effective first meeting.

Mentoring Agreement Template

Use this agreement to outline expectations, roles, and responsibilities for the mentoring relationship.

Team Capacity Heat Map Tool

HR professionals can use this tool to visualize who will have capacity for tasks across the project timeline.

Mentoring Tip Sheet

Use this tip sheet to improve the mentor/mentee relationship using best practices.

Retirement Guide Workbook

Use this tool to capture information in one place as you work through the organizational retirement preparation guide.

Phased Offboarding Tracking Template

Use the Phased Offboarding Tracking Template to assist in the employee offboarding process. It is designed to accompany McLean & Company's Phased Offboarding Job Aid.

Phased Offboarding Job Aid

Use this job aid as a guide in planning and implementing a phased offboarding program for departing employees.
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