Tools & Templates

Coaching Probing Questions – Tool

This resource provides HR and leaders with a list of coaching questions to use in different context.

Become a Thought Partner Through Curiosity and a Coach Approach – Infographic

This infographic provides leaders with key takeaways on how to leverage their coaching mindset to develop a thought partnership with their direct reports.

Generative AI Workforce Planning Implications Tool

Use this tool to understand how generative AI will impact the workforce based on use cases within the organization.

Generative AI Task Assessment Tool

Use this tool to evaluate roles and tasks for their potential exposure to automation due to generative AI.

AI Preparation: HR Gap Analysis Tool

This tool will help you identify and understand the gaps in each of HR's preparation activities and prioritize the gaps to address accordingly. Use this tool in...

Establish Accountability in Your One-on-Ones – Infographic

This infographic provides first-time leaders with key accountabilities for successful one-on-ones.

Drive Accountability Through Structured One-on-Ones Tool

Share this tool with first-time leaders to help them plan and structure their one-on-one agendas.

Design Your Knowledge Checks Tool

Use this tool to design their knowledge checks for their eLearning modules.

Data Governance Workbook: Phase 2

Use this workbook to document key information and decisions about a formal data governance framework.

Data Governance Workbook: Phase 1

Use this workbook to document key information and decisions about urgent data governance needs.
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