Tools & Templates

LMS Download: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

This interactive eLearning module targets core principles of emotional intelligence. It is intended to interact seamlessly with your organization's existing learning...

Handbook: Presentation Skills for Managers

This handbook will allow participants to take notes and complete activities during the training.

Learning in Action: Presentation Skills for Managers

Use this handout to remind learners of core concepts learned in the training.

Activity: PowerPoint Karaoke Presentations

This PowerPoint activity is to be used with the training deck Presentation Skills for Managers for learners to practice presenting.

Competency Framework Presentation Template

Use this presentation template to present how a new or updated competency framework will be implemented to employees, people managers, and the HR team.

Vision and Mission Guide

Leverage this guide to create memorable vision and mission statements that describe the organization's reason for existing in an inspiring way.

Workforce Planning Discussion Guide

Use this guide to facilitate workforce planning conversations.

Vision and Mission Scorecard

Use this scorecard to assess the strength of the vision and mission statements.

Retention Plan Presentation Template

Use this template to present the organization’s retention plan to stakeholders.

Succession Planning Presentation Template

Customize this template to create a succession planning presentation to share with stakeholders.
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