Tools & Templates

Training Deck: Train Ratees on the 360 Degree Feedback Program

Use this training deck template to build customized training for ratees on the 360 degree feedback program.

Job Aid: How to Interpret Your 360 Degree Feedback

Use this job aid to help employees interpret their 360 feedback results.

360 Degree Feedback Program Scoping Document Template

A scoping document is one of the most critical communications in a project. A proper scoping document makes it clear exactly what will and what will not be involved in a...

360 Degree Feedback Interpretation Worksheet

This worksheet will help employees analyze 360 degree feedback and determine their areas of strength to build upon and their areas of opportunity to address.

360 Feedback Program Employee Development Plan Template

While the form is not as important as the discussion, you must still capture the discussion in writing to keep track of the decisions that were made and who is...

Senior Management Driver: Sample Email Communication Template

Customize this template to create an invitation to the senior leadership engagement strategy group meeting.

Senior Management Driver: Executive Pre-Work Template

Customize this template for senior leaders to review and prepare for the senior leadership engagement strategy group discussion.

Senior Management Driver: Presentation Template

Tailor this template to present the four key strategies for improving employee engagement to senior leaders during the senior leadership engagement strategy group meeting.

Senior Management Driver: Interpretation Worksheet and Action Plan

Use this template in conjunction with McLean & Company's Employee Engagement survey to help your senior leaders interpret their manager scorecard results.

Senior Management Driver: HR One-on-One Discussion Guide

Use this template as a guide for HR practitioners conducting one-on-one sessions with senior leaders.
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