Tools & Templates

Return-to-Office Policy Template

Use this template to create an RTO policy that outlines key sections such as guiding principles and employee exemptions.

Return-to-Office Manager FAQ Template

See this template for sample answers to managers' frequently asked questions on return-to-office. Customize the document to suit your organization.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workbook

Use this workbook to document key information and decisions while developing the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy.

Return-to-Office Workbook

Use this tool to document data gathered and identify key insights for RTO.

Measuring the ROI of an HR Program Presentation Template

Use this presentation template to communicate the return on investment (ROI) and value on investment (VOI) of your HR program.

ROI Calculator Tool

Use this tool to calculate the financial return on investment (ROI) of an HR program and track intangible outcomes to demonstrate the program's overall value on...

ROI Program Assessment Tool

Use this tool to determine and prioritize which HR programs to evaluate ROI for based on suitability and urgency.

Microlearning: Keep Your Best and Brightest – A Manager’s Guide to Stay Conversations

Stay conversations, or stay interviews, are an important element in preventing employee turnover, yet some organizations tend to overlook them. This microlearning is a...

Executive Feedback Presentation Template

Customize this template to create a presentation to share the EVP draft with executives.

Employee Value Proposition Workbook

Drafting a strong EVP requires multiple steps and iteration. Use the Employee Value Proposition Workbook to plan for and document the outcomes of each step.
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