Tools & Templates

Modern Performance Management Worksheet

Use this tool to work through decisions that will inform the new performance management framework.

Sustainment Owner Planning Template

Provide the owners of sustainment plan implementation with this template to drive accountability for sustainment implementation.

Sustainment Components Catalog

Use this catalog to explore tactics for implementing the core and supplementary sustainment components.

Sustainment Plan Workbook

Use this workbook to document key project information, the sustainment plan, and a framework to evaluate progress.

Change Assessment Tool

Use this tool to assess the upcoming change and to identify areas of strength and opportunity.

Focus Group Data Template

Use this tool to organize focus group session notes and code the responses.

Risk Management on the Go – Infographic

This infographic provides leaders with a key takeaway for assessing risk in the moment. It encourages them to continually slide their risk scales to help clarify their...

Risk Analysis Framework Tool

HR professionals should share this tool with leaders of leaders to help structure the way they reflect on current risks to their portfolios by identifying existing...

Organizational Values Survey

Use this Organizational Values Survey to collect data for what values are reflected in the actions and behaviors of employees and what values employees want to see in the...

M&A Cultural Integration Workbook

Use this workbook to select and define the integrated organization's focus values and develop a cultural integration plan to drive the success of the transaction.
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