Tools & Templates

Plan Your Pitch – A Guide to Building a Compelling Digital Tool Proposal

Share this tool with emerging leaders to help them effectively plan and prepare a persuasive pitch to present to their managers. This tool will guide them in crafting a...

Advocate for Digital Awareness on Your Team – Infographic

This infographic provides emerging leaders with actionable advice and examples of how they can advocate and champion digital awareness on their team.

Customize HR Programs Workbook

Use this tool to document data and select HR programs for customization.

Customize HR Programs Presentation Template

Use this template to present HR programs selected for customization to executives and senior leadership.

Customized HR Program Tracking Tool

Share this tool with each project team to help track the success of the customized HR program in the relevant regions.

Functional Competencies Needs Analysis and Prioritization Tool

Use this tool to work through a needs analysis and prioritization exercise to determine which function(s) to focus on when creating functional competencies.

Functional Competencies Workbook

Use this tool to develop functional competencies and map them to the roles within the function.

Handbook: Basics of Navigating Data for Managers

Use this handbook to reinforce core concepts and engage learners in the basics of navigating data training.

Learning in Action: Basics of Navigating Data for Managers

Use this learning in action sheet to summarize key points from the Navigating Data for Managers training deck.

Use the Job Architecture Framework to Inform HR Programs

Use this guide to support integrating the job architecture framework with HR programs to ensure cohesion.
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