Tools & Templates

Curated Learning Workbook

Use this tool throughout the curated learning design process to document, track, and evaluate essential information.

Curated Learning Focus Group Guide

Use this guide to facilitate focus groups designed to understand learners' needs.

Learner Profile Template

Use this template to create learner profiles and ensure L&D offerings are aligned with their needs.

How to Curate Guide

Use this quick reference guide as a tool to support individuals responsible for curating content.

360 Degree Feedback Raters' Guide

Distribute this tool to raters to guide them through the rating process.

Comprehensive Competency Library

The comprehensive competency library tool allows you to customize your competencies to employees, thus giving them a personalized performance management plan.

Manager Development Program Needs Analysis Tool

Use the Manager Development Program Needs Analysis Tool to assess program needs and record manager expectations.

Manager Learning Path Tool

Use this tool to establish a learning path for manager development program participants.

Middle Manager Self-Assessment Tool

Use this tool to help managers own their personal development through self-assessment.

Training Deck: Manage Virtual Teams

Use this training deck to conduct management training sessions on managing virtual teams.
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