Tools & Templates

Employee Volunteering Policy

Use this template to record and update your volunteer program policy.

Think Critically About Generative AI Use Cases – Tool

This tool provides emerging leaders with the space to reflect on key considerations for applying generative AI in their role. It helps decide when and how to use...

Write Effective Generative AI Prompts – Infographic

This infographic offers emerging leaders advice on how to write effective prompts to get the targeted outputs they desire from generative AI models.

High-Volume Recruiting Project Plan

Use this tool to create a project plan and execute on the high-volume recruiting request.

Candidate Audience Profile Template

Use this template to distill key findings from research on candidate groups that will inform decisions for talent acquisition efforts.

Intake Meeting Template

Use this guide to improve intake sessions and ensure Talent Acquisition Specialists collect the necessary information to guide sourcing efforts.

First-Time Manager Program Needs Analysis Tool

Use this tool to outline first-time manager expectations, analyze existing initiatives, and determine program needs.

First-Time Manager Learning Path Tool

Use this tool to determine first-time manager program delivery, initiatives, and timeline, and plan appropriate timing, duration, and relevance of development opportunities.

First-Time Manager Program Checklist – HR

Use this checklist to capture first-time manager development tasks for HR.

First-Time Manager Program Checklist – First-Time Manager

Use this checklist to capture first-time manager development tasks for first-time managers.
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