Tools & Templates

Optimize HR Costs Workbook

Use this workbook to record key information, data, and decisions made around optimizing HR costs.

HR Cost Reduction Workbook

Use this workbook to record key information, data, and decisions made around reducing HR costs.

Optimize HR Costs Presentation Template

Use this presentation template to share current-state findings and cost optimization objectives to gain buy-in for the implementation of proposed initiatives.

Guide to Creating a Project Team

Use this guide for direction on how to put together a project team for HR-led projects and initiatives.

Evaluate Your Innovative Idea Infographic

Use this infographic to quickly share McLean & Company's approach to evaluating innovative ideas.

Innovative Idea Prioritization Tool

Use this tool to assess the effort and impact of an innovative idea and strategically prioritize it against a list of different ideas.

Communicate With a Solution-Oriented Mindset Tool

Share this tool with leaders to help them thinking about what they need to communicate with their manager when situations and opportunities arise. This tool will guide...

Make “Managing Up” Part of Your Day-to-Day Infographic

This infographic provides leaders with quick wins and examples of how they can easily action managing up in their day-to-day.

Reflect on Generative AI Outputs Using Critical Thinking – Infographic

This infographic instructs emerging leaders on how to critically evaluate generative AI outputs, focusing on the recency, relevancy, and accuracy of the information...

Think Critically to Select Effective Generative AI Use Cases in Your Role – Infographic

This infographic advises leaders on choosing the right tasks for generative AI in their work, suggesting a focus on high-impact, low-risk tasks and communicating the...
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