L&D Resource Center 

Adopt a holistic approach to Learning and Development from planning to sustainment.

Develop an Integrated,
Connected L&D Strategy

A learning & development strategy is essential to ensure employees are engaged and equipped with the skills to achieve organizational objectives. Use this resource center to develop targeted, integrated learning strategies, select and customize learning content, and evaluate the impact of your L&D program.

Build Learning Strategies

Establish the fundamental framework for leadership and HR development enriched with practical best practices, coaching, tools, resources, and complemented by workshop and advisory offerings.

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Develop Competencies

Draw from an extensive library of learning experiences to develop the capabilities of the HR function and leadership team. Explore a wide range of learning resources aligned with our HR competencies and leadership competencies.

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Track & Sustain Learning

Training is only the first part of the journey. Leverage our diagnostics, blueprints, and advisory services to sustain learning and evaluate its impact.

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Build Learning Strategies

Begin a comprehensive learning and development journey with our tools and guidance, encompassing L&D strategy, HR, leadership, and talent development. Establish essential competencies, as the foundation for successful programs. Build effective leadership development initiatives, ensuring they align with organizational objectives and foster a culture of perpetual learning.

Technology to Support L&D

Assess tailored L&D technology advice quickly with blueprints and SoftwareReviews services to help make the right decisions faster.

Develop a Holistic Digital HR Strategy

Increase efficiencies, effectiveness, and engagement with a living strategy that starts with the client experience.

Develop a Learning Technology Strategy

Set clear expectations for learning technology by aligning goals with organizational priorities.

Get the Best Value Possible With a Data-Driven Vendor Negotiation Approach

Prepare for vendor negotiations to achieve measurable savings in time, money, and more.

Harness the Potential of Generative AI in HR

Focus HR resources to maximize HR capabilities and support the organization through technological disruption.

Software Reviews

Choosing the right software can be a difficult decision. SoftwareReviews offers a series of tools to help with the selection journey.

Develop Competencies

Developing the capabilities of HR and leadership teams will drive improved performance, increased employee engagement, and better business outcomes. Leverage McLean & Company to map out a development journey that meets the organization’s needs through a combination of learning experiences and coaching.

Learning Content Library

HR Professional

Tailored to increase HR functional capabilities, develop a strategic mindset, and cultivate key HR approaches.

Leader Development

Emerging Leader

Created for frontline staff who are interested in moving into a leadership role in the future, who are acting as informal leaders within their team, and are performing well within their role. This collection focuses on effectively leading yourself.

First-Time Leader

Designed for front line managers who are new to people management or are looking for a refresher on foundational people management competencies.

Leader of Leaders

Dedicated to leaders in the organization who oversee people managers. This collection builds upon the foundations from the first-time leader content and focuses on strategic leadership of their portfolios.

Facilitated Training Programs

Take the workload off of busy HR teams with McLean & Company’s support to coordinate and facilitate training programs. These programs are designed to elevate the skills of leaders and HR professionals through practical, tactical learning experiences, real-world application, and facilitated peer conversations led by McLean & Company’s team of professional facilitators. Explore programs to find the right fit for your needs.

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Leadership Development Coaching

Maximize leader performance, potential, and engagement with Leadership Development Coaching. Coaching is a powerful way to develop others to be their best, drive performance, and get results. Effective coaching helps bring fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhances decision-making skills, increases confidence, and improves performance.

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McLean Academy

Develop technical HR knowledge through a series of self-paced, online courses to further HR team’s professional development. The McLean Academy curriculum is built on McLean's HR Management & Governance framework and provides practical, outcome driven advice on tackling HR initiatives.

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Track & Sustain Learning

Related Diagnostics

Learning Effectiveness Survey - Coming Soon!

Collect and analyze participant feedback to evaluate the impact of learning. Use this survey to measure the effectiveness of internal learning experiences and drive continuous improvement. 

360 Feedback

In today’s workforce, employees are requesting more development than ever before. A well-designed 360 Feedback assessment is a critical building block of an organization’s talent development strategy, guides targeted development needs, and demonstrates the impact of learning experiences.

Employee Engagement

Go beyond job satisfaction and find out what drives employee productivity. Leverage the insights from your engagement report to identify areas of opportunity and focus learning programs where they will have the most impact.

Develop a Learning & Development Strategy for effective and sustainable learning.

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