Develop a Telework Program

Expand employee work options to increase employee engagement and performance results.


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Your Challenge

  • Succeeding and retaining top talent can be very difficult, regardless of the economic environment.
  • The cost of conducting business is on the rise, and so are the environmental implications involved in maintaining office space.
  • Organizations want to appeal to the work-life balance demands of today’s workforce, while still keeping business priorities at the forefront of their decision-making.
  • Many organizations believe that telework will hinder productivity and performance, while in reality it can bring the business many benefits.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Telework cannot be ignored; top talent demands it, and the nature of today’s workforce provides many opportunities for it to be integrated.
  • Without support from senior executives and managers, and the existence of a results-oriented work environment, telework can be difficult to implement due to the negative repercussions it can create for teleworking employees or departments.
  • However, with the right work environment and job elements in place, there is a great opportunity for organizations to embrace telework, engage employees, and save costs over the long term.
  • HR can build a successful telework program to support this growing trend, protect the organization, and maintain performance standards.

Impact and Result

  • Optimize your telework program by introducing a comprehensive policy and employee agreement to ensure everyone has a shared understanding of expectations.
  • Improve the retention, engagement, and acquisition of top talent by providing workplace flexibility for appropriate jobs and employees.
  • Take the guesswork out of telework adoption with clear criteria and guidelines for telework eligibility and performance management.


  • In January of 2012, McLean & Company conducted six in-depth interviews with line of business managers, executives, teleworking employees, and a work-life balance scholar to learn about their teleworking experiences and research.
  • During the same timeframe, McLean & Company fielded a survey to better understand specific teleworking trends. The survey attracted 72 respondents.

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Get to Action

  1. Learn how telework can benefit your organization, improve employee effectiveness, reduce organizational costs, and increase employee engagement

    Implement a telework program that suits your organizational and departmental needs best.

  2. Determine if your organization or department is ready for telework opportunities

    Decide whether or not to proceed with the implementation of a formal telework program.

  3. Create a telework policy for the entire organization, or a department within your organization

    Ensure all employees and managers know the acceptable criteria and rules of engagement that govern telework in your organization or department.

  4. Define a telework agreement for individual teleworking employees

    Ensure that employees and managers communicate important details that maintain performance expectations, employee engagement, and communication essentials.

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