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Develop a Targeted Flexible Work Program

Select flexible work options that balance organization and employee needs to drive engagement and improve attraction and retention.

  • A one-size-fits-all approach to selecting and implementing flexible work options fails to consider unique employee needs and will not reap the benefits of offering a flexible work program (e.g. higher engagement, enhanced employer brand).
  • Improper structure and implementation of flexible work programs exacerbates existing challenges (e.g. high turnover) or creates new ones.

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Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Flexible work is more than flexible location. Organizations must understand the needs of unique employee groups to uncover the options that will attract and retain talent.
  • Provide greater inclusivity to employees by broadening the scope to include flex location, flex time, and flex time off.

Impact and Result

  • Uncover the needs of unique employee segments to shortlist flexible work options that employees want and will use.
  • Assess the feasibility of various flexible work options and select ones that meet employee needs and are feasible for the organization.
  • Equip the organization with the information and tools needed to implement and sustain a flexible work program.

Develop a Targeted Flexible Work Program Research & Tools

1. Assess the organization’s current state

Identify prioritized employee segments, flexibility challenges, and the desired state to inform program goals.

2. Identify potential flex options and assess feasibility

Review, shortlist and assess the feasibility of common types of flexible work. Gain leadership approval and investment and identify implementation issues and cultural barriers.

3. Implement selected option(s)

Equip managers and employees to adopt flexible work options while addressing implementation issues and cultural barriers and aligning HR programs.

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Guided Implementation 1: Assess the organization’s current state
  • Call 1: Discuss project rationale and identify prioritized employee segments to build a flexible work program.
  • Call 2: Uncover the current and desired state of a targeted flexible work program.

Guided Implementation 2: Identify potential flex options and assess feasibility
  • Call 1: Create a shortlist of potential options and review initiatives.

Guided Implementation 3: Implement selected option(s)
  • Call 1: Assess issues and barriers and prepare for program rollout.
  • Call 2: Align HR programs to support and establish a program evaluation plan.


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