Change Management Resource Center

Support your organization through change by leveraging our extensive portfolio of research-driven change management tools, templates, training, and blueprints.

Our Approach to Change Management

HR professionals support their organizations with change in a variety of ways. This center helps HR keep in mind how a change will align with the organization and how to plan for change, be clear and consistent with communication, develop and train employees to build their change management capability, and measure and iterate to sustain a change. Whether you are leading through change on a project or supporting employees with adjusting to a change, McLean & Company’s Change Management Resource Center can help.

Build change management capability across the organization by providing support through the five key stages of a change project and leveraging the materials in this resource center.

5 Key Stages Framework

Key Players

Effective change management requires the support of many different key players. To assist HR and these individuals, use McLean & Company’s toolkits, which contain change management tools, templates, training, and research to support the key players throughout a change management project.

Change Agents

Change Agents

Disseminate key messages throughout the organization and share feedback with the project/change team. Are influential advocates for the change who are scattered throughout the organization.