Tools & Templates

Team Effectiveness Assessment Tool

Use this tool to quickly identify focus areas for team improvement.

Short-Term Incentive Plan Overview Template

Use this template to share key information about the STIP structure and payouts with participants.

Flexible Succession Planning Tracking Tool

Use this tool to group critical roles, create role group profiles, fill talent pools for each role group, and assess employee readiness to assume a role within the role group.

Leadership Development Business Case Template

Develop an effective business case for a tailored approach to leadership development to gain executive buy-in and support.

Leadership Development Template

Use this template to document key pieces during the creation of the leadership development plan.

Leadership Development Playbook

Use this tool to identify gaps in current learning content and map out a plan of action for designing an impactful leadership development program.

Leadership Development ROI Calculator

Use this tool to evaluate the impact of leadership development ROI and compare program costs and benefits.

Job Description Launch Deck

Use this presentation template to facilitate training with managers to introduce the new job description templates and process during project launch.

Culture Documentation Template

Use this template to document key outcomes from the kick-off meeting and action meeting as part of the blueprint Articulate and Foster Organizational Culture.

Method Selection Tool

Use this tool to help you select the best-fit job evaluation method (ranking, classification, point factor) for your organization.
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