Tools & Templates

Training Deck: Empower Managers to Take Ownership of Employee Engagement

As a manager, your biggest impact on engagement comes from having employees’ trust and building positive relationships with them.

Participant Workbook: Take Ownership of Manager Relationships

The participant workbook will help managers stay on track and record information and activities used in the build trusting relationships training.

Identify and Reengage Disengaged Employees – Manager Guide

It is often challenging for managers to identify and address employee disengagement. Use this guide to help managers understand and handle engagement on their team.

Engaging Management − 3i Leadership Quiz

Evaluate the effectiveness of 3i leadership training with this brief quiz.

STIP Design Tool

Use this tool to record a high-level plan for the STIP, experiment with STIP design, and observe impacts to estimated payouts.

Short-Term Incentive Plan Overview Template

Use this template to share key information about the STIP structure and payouts with participants.

Flexible Succession Planning Tracking Tool

This tool will help you document and track the components of your flexible succession planning, including critical roles, role profiles, role groups, role group profiles,...

Talent Profile Guide

This template will help managers document their employees' credentials to understand if they are a proper fit for talent pools.

Feedback Correspondence Template

Use this template to help 360 participants collect feedback from colleagues.

Training Deck: Train Raters on the 360 Degree Feedback Program

Use this training deck template to build customized training for raters on the 360 degree feedback program.
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