Tools & Templates

Sustainment Plan Workbook

Use this workbook to document key project information, the sustainment plan, and a framework to evaluate progress.

Case Studies: Build a Change Sustainment Plan

Refer to these case studies for examples of sustained change initiatives.

Sustainment Components Catalog

Use this catalog to explore tactics for implementing the core and supplementary sustainment components.

Sustainment Owner Planning Template

Provide the owners of sustainment plan implementation with this template to drive accountability for sustainment implementation.

Workshop: Build a Change Sustainment Plan

Use this workshop outline to complete a three-day workshop for the Build a Change Sustainment Plan project.

Salary Administration Guidelines

Use this template to establish salary controls in order to avoid salary pain in the future.

Salary Structure Assessment Tool

Use this tool to conduct a salary structure assessment at your organization in conjuction with McLean & Company's blueprint, Conduct a Salary Structure Assessment.

Case Studies: Conduct a Salary Structure Assessment

Refer to these case studies for examples of the benefits of performing a salary structure assessment.

Pay Equity Report Sample

Use this sample report to gain ideas on how to structure your own pay equity report.

LMS Download: Data Interpretation and Storytelling

This interactive eLearning module is the last in a series of three modules that target core principles of Data Literacy for HR Professionals. It is intended to interact...
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