Tools & Templates

Case Studies: Conduct a Salary Structure Assessment

Refer to these case studies for examples of how organizations have undergone a salary assessment.

Salary Assessment Tool

Use this tool to conduct a salary assessment at your organization.

Pay Equity Report Sample

Use this sample report to gain ideas on how to structure your own pay equity report.

Participant Handbook: Equip Managers to Effectively Manage Virtual Teams

Use this tool to guide participants through the Equip Managers to Effectively Manage Virtual Teams training and position it as a reference after the training session.

Handbook: Design Thinking Mindset

This handbook will allow participants to take notes and complete activities during the Demystify the Design Thinking Mindset training.

Knowledge Check: Design Thinking

Use this knowledge check after training leaders on design thinking to assess their understanding of the content.

Success Profile Template

Use this template to helps Talent Acquisition Specialists create impactful and inclusive success profiles.

Sourcing Plan Template

Use this template to provide Talent Acquisition Specialists with a sourcing plan to customize.

Talent Sourcing Workbook

Use this tool to uncover sourcing pain points and set goals and metrics for sourcing changes.

Intake Meeting Template

Use this guide to improve intake sessions and ensure Talent Acquisition Specialists collect the necessary information to guide sourcing efforts.
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