Tools & Templates

Tactics Catalog: Supporting Working Caregivers

Reference the tactics outlined in this catalog for ideas on how organizations can support employees with caregiving responsibilities, understand potential risks, and...

Targeted Flexible Work Program Workbook

Use this tool to document key information and decisions as you work through the Develop a Targeted Flexible Work Program research.

Flexible Work Options Catalog

Use this tool to review flexible work options and create a shortlist for the feasibility assessment.

Dependent Care Flexibility Employee Guide

Use this tool to assess dependent care responsibilities and identify flexible work arrangements that enables employees to balance professional and personal responsibilities.

Flex Time-Off Policy

Use this template to set guidelines and the scope for your flex time-off work options.

Four-Day Work Week Guide

Use this guide to support the implementation of a four-day work week.

Guide to Flexible Work for Managers and Employees

Use this tool to guide managers through the flexible work program.

Flex Time Policy

Use this template to set guidelines and the scope for your flex time work options.

Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement

Use this template to document and formalize the agreed upon work hours, remote work norms, locations, performance expectations, and any other changes required to...

Dependent Care Flexibility Manager Guide

Use this tool to assess organizational priorities and identify employee needs to support those with caregiving responsibilities.
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