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Embed Innovation in the Organization by Designing HR Programs that Drive It

Lay the foundation and build the steps necessary to make innovation part of your organization’s DNA.

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In November and December 2013, McLean & Company conducted a mix of primary and secondary research into how HR can help drive innovation in their organization.

  • Primary interview candidates consisted of both industry practitioners as well as McLean & Company clients.
  • Primary interviews were conducted with:
    • Linda S. Lulli, Associate Vice President for Human Resources at Bryant University
    • Claude Legrand, Managing Partner of Ideaction
    • Kellie Donohue, Manager of Human Resources at Access Pipeline
    • Eric Bulmash, Manager of Learning and Development Innovation at Vancity
    • Kenneth Finnera, Chief People Officer at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Your Challenge

  • Innovation can seem like a broad and daunting task that is outside the realm of HR. However, as an HR professional you have the power to hire the right talent, train employees, reward & recognize, and encourage a culture that supports innovation at your organization.
  • HR needs to create an environment and culture that is able to support innovation throughout the entire organization. Assessing how well HR currently supports innovation is the first step in creating an action plan to drive innovation.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Innovation is the catalyst that fuels energy, passion, creativity, and productivity – offering infinite potential for business growth. Yet smart people, great ideas, even flashes of brilliance will fail to drive results without the right approach. It’s important to build the cornerstone of innovation in your organization by starting first at the incremental stage and building from there.
  • There is often a temptation for HR to plagiarize what other successful organizations are doing. But HR must resist the temptation to simply cut and paste. Every culture is different and unique: what will work for one company may not work for another. It’s key that you assess your needs against your own culture and criteria.

Impact and Result

  • Use this solution set to gain insight and advice on how to deliver impactful HR innovation programs.
  • Assess how well HR is currently supporting innovation.
  • Create and present an effective business proposal that highlights the initiatives and programs HR will implement.
  • Communicate effectively by identifying the power and interest of relevant stakeholders and using this information to inform the frequency, content, and method of communications.
  • Once HR programs have been refreshed, track and monitor progress to ensure traction is being made.

Research & Tools

1. Make the case for how and why HR can drive innovation

Define the stages of innovation and HR's role in driving innovation in the organization.

2. Evaluate the organization's current state

Select which innovation programs and initiatives HR will be developing or refreshing in the organization.

3. Create advisory teams and complete the business proposals

Assemble innovation advisory teams and solicit their feedback to present an aggregated business proposal to the executives.

4. Communicate & implement HR programs

Develop a communication strategy and launch initiatives.

Guided Implementations

This guided implementation is a three call advisory process.

Call #1 - HR and innovation

Discuss HR’s role in driving innovation in your organization. Assess the results from completing the pre-assessment and discuss any insights and next steps for the project.

Call #2 - Current state assessment and prioritization

Discuss the innovation competency your organization created. Additionally, review the results of the current state assessment and the best-practice actions that HR will be implementing.

Call #3 - Create the advisory team and business proposal

Evaluate the business proposals that you have created for each of your HR programs and initiatives. Discuss ways to enhance the business proposal and incorporate executive feedback.

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Published: February 10, 2014
Last Revised: February 10, 2014