Pandemic Engagement Pulse Check

Assess the effect of pandemic response plans on employee engagement.

Organizations need a strong pandemic response.

Communication, change management, and employee engagement are an important part of that response.

Organizations need to:

  • Avoid confusion and misinformation so employees have a clear path.
  • Prepare and support employees working remotely (or keep them safe onsite).
  • Manage change and general anxiety about the changing work world.
  • Continue to engage employees through the best of times as well as the worst of times.
  • Lead in the hunt for talent when business returns to normal.
  • Safely return employees to the workplace or continue to accommodate working from home.


"I support this organization's overall response to COVID-19."

Graph - 79% Agree

"This organization's actions support the health and wellbeing of its employees."

Graph - 64% Agree
Pandemic Engagement Pulse Check Report Example

Timely information is
critical right now.

The situation with COVID-19 is changing quickly. Organizations need to respond in kind.

The Pandemic Engagement Pulse Check allows organizations to gather feedback from employees to ensure that they're responding in a meaningful way.

No organization is an expert in pandemic response, and employees can provide information on situations that HR may not have anticipated.

To facilitate the need for fast data, the survey cycle is designed to be no more than 3 weeks in length.


One week to
launch the survey


One week
in the field


One week for overall reports (PDF and Excel) and to schedule the results debrief with an analyst just a few days later

Benefits of the Pandemic Engagement Pulse Check

Assess engagement levels across the organization and by key demographics.

Dive deeper into current challenges with a COVID-19-specific driver and open-ended questions.

Discover high-performing areas and opportunities for improvement.

Diagnose and create action plans for specific areas of focus.

Launch, collect data, and debrief results quickly.

Pandemic Engagement Pulse Check Question Example

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