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Escape the Burnout Cycle

Escape the Burnout Cycle Infographic

Adapted from Maslach & Leiter.

As a term, burnout has been around for decades; recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) called burnout an occupational phenomenon. While the relief from burnout is typically managed at an individual level, it’s the responsibility of the organization to prevent it in the first place.

The absence of clear methods to assess and evaluate burnout makes it difficult to select organizational tactics that specifically address the root causes of burnout.

Addressing burnout at the individual level is not enough. Solutions like yoga and mindfulness practice are important, but offer only temporary relief. The root causes of employee burnout are often systemic and require a multi-level approach.

Without organizational action, an infinite cycle of employees re-experiencing burnout can be expected. A healthy work environment is one where organizational policies, practices, and values create a system in which individuals and organizations can thrive.

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