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Equip Managers to Improve Employee Engagement Using the EXM Dashboard and Design Thinking

Elevate the employee experience using real-time measurement and design thinking.

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  • Anonymous Contributor, Marketing, Consumer Packaged Goods Company
  • Melodie Barnett, Managing Partner, Pivot
  • Michelle Berg, CEO, Elevated HR Solutions
  • Michael Blair, Consulting Analyst, Info-Tech Research Group
  • Phil Buckley, Managing Director, Change with Confidence
  • Mark Diker, Director, Human Resources, Penguin Basements Ltd.
  • Barbara Giarelli, HR Representative and Change Manager, Building Construction Products Division, Caterpillar, Inc.
  • Erin Gordon, Vice President Human Resources, Lindt & Sprungli Canada
  • Pernille Hagild, Country HR Manager, IKEA UK/IE
  • Lisa Hodgson, Recruiter, Bruce Power
  • Fathima Jaffer, Senior Manager, Enterprise Employee Experience, TD Bank Group
  • Elan Keshan, Consulting Analyst, Info-Tech Research Group
  • Devorah Klein, Principal Consultant, Marimo Consulting LLC
  • Gabe Kleinman, Director of Content and Marketing, Obvious Adventures
  • Mark Leung, Director, Rotman DesignWorks
  • Melissa Master-Holder, Vice President, Learning and Development, LPL Financial
  • Stacey McCullough, Design Thinking Consultant
  • Jacob Morgan, Author, The Employee Experience Advantage
  • Stephanie Speal, Senior Director, Employee Engagement, Measurement & Employee Experience, CIBC
  • Estela Vázquez Pérez, Director, Employment Brand at Employee Experience, Centre of Expertise, RBC
  • Ben Whitter, Founder, World Employee Experience Institute

  • Organizations have few formalized efforts to support the use of real-time engagement measurement tools by leaders.
  • Even in cases where guidance on basic dashboard navigation is provided, many fail to aid leaders in the most critical tasks: accurately interpreting the results and thoughtfully acting on them.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Real-time engagement monitoring is critical to ensure employee engagement issues are surfaced and addressed quickly, before they can fester and negatively impact morale, productivity, and – ultimately – employee retention.
  • Equipping managers to improve employee engagement using the EXM Dashboard trains managers to:
    • Glean basic information from the dashboard, including participation rates, demographics, current state, trending, and comments.
    • Perform more advanced analysis using the dashboard, including response distribution and fluctuation analysis.
    • Act on EXM results and drive engagement using design thinking, including empathy mapping, question construction, and targeted brainstorming.
    • Create an action plan to ensure the training translates into behavioral change that drives team engagement.

Impact and Result

  • Create an environment where the daily actions of leaders, including their consistent use of the EXM Dashboard, help to engage every member of their teams, creating a positive impact on culture, company potential, empowerment, and rewards and recognition.
  • See an improvement in direct business drivers such as agility, cost, quality, and revenue.

Research & Tools

1. Equip managers to improve employee engagement using the EXM Dashboard and Design Thinking

Elevate the employee experience using real-time measurement and design thinking.

Guided Implementations

This guided implementation is a one call advisory process.

Call #1 - Discuss the training material and how to customize it with organization-specific processes.