This training will explore how managers can more effectively coach direct reports. It is key to understand that there are both formal and informal ways to coach. In fact, managers are probably doing much of what is required from informal coaching already. Coaching does not require a radical change in managing style or a massive time commitment from you.

Train your managers to coach by using the following process:

  • Understand the importance of coaching and the potential value of coaching.
  • Establish a structured coaching process with your direct reports.
  • Use the GROW model to structure coaching meetings with employees.
  • Move from feedback to coaching when coachable moments arise.

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  • A1130f962ab087aa230054963f52008c comment
    Larry McMullen | 11-12-2014

    On slide 48 of this deck, it refers to a "post training coaching quiz". I am not seeing it in the materials. Would you direct me to it or send it to me?


    • 432c05244a845caaca3b276adb15a11e comment
      McLean & Company | 11-19-2014

      Thanks for your question, Larry.
      The post-training coaching quiz is located in step 3 of the Train Managers to Coach for High Performance blueprint. You should also see a link to "Coaching Quiz" in the column to right.


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