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Modernize the Performance Appraisal Storyboard

The traditional performance appraisal is inflexible, demotivating, and lacking in performance driving power. Use this storyboard to modernize the performance appraisal to...

Modern Performance Appraisal Effectiveness Scorecard

Use this Performance Appraisal Effectiveness Scorecard while implementing the Modern Performance Appraisal project to help you measure how effective your current...

Modern Performance Appraisal Check-In Meeting Guide

Use the Modern PA Check-In Meeting Guide as an easy to read reference document for managers and employees as they conduct their check-in meetings using the modern PA...

Manager's Guide for Performance Appraisals

Use the Manager's Guide for Performance Appraisals as a tool for your managers on how to conduct performance management activities to effectively engage and inspire...

Training Deck for Managers: Modernize the Performance Appraisal

The manager training deck will equip managers with the knowledge and skills they need to help engage employees in the modern PA process.

Training Deck for Employees: Modernize the Performance Appraisal

The employee training deck will prepare employees for the modern PA framework by engaging them in exercises and activities to familiarize them with the process and their...

Modernize the Performance Appraisal Executive Briefing

Use this briefing to make the case to your executive team for updating to a modernized performance appraisal system.

Abolish the Annual Performance Appraisal and Move to an Agile System

Agile performance management can effectively reduce the pains and problems associated with the traditional approach, and have a positive impact on employee performance,...
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Abolish the Annual Performance Appraisal and Move to an Agile System Executive Briefing

​This executive briefing consists of a high-level overview of the importance of an Agile performance management system.

Design a 360 Degree Feedback Program Storyboard

360 degree feedback, the aggregate feedback of employee performance based on the inputs of multiple raters who have worked with the employee, has been used for many...
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