Culture - Blueprints

Equip Managers to Improve Engagement Action Planning

Engaged employees feel energized, passionate, and dedicated, and they are highly involved with their work and the organization. Help improve engagement action planning by...
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Effectively Manage Remote Sales Teams

This training will teach remote sales managers tactics for effectively supporting and managing their employees. It will guide managers in constructing a detailed manager...
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Nudges: A Paradigm for HR to Influence Employee Behavior

Employees are often unaware of the impact that biases and heuristics have on their decisions, leading to decision-making pressures and bottlenecks that have a significant...

Embed Inclusion Into the Organization's Culture

The positive impacts of workforce diversity have resulted in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) becoming a strategic priority for competitive organizations. However,...
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Master the 3i’s of Employee Engagement

Managers play a significant role in employee engagement. In order to create impact, managers need strategies to address engagement challenges with their team. Train...
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New Hire Survey Guide

McLean & Company’s New Hire Survey offers insight into the employee experience from the moment they first interact with your organization as a candidate through to their...
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Exit Survey Guide

Exit survey data offers insight into the top drivers of turnover at your organization and provides departing employees with the opportunity to share feedback on...
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Foundational Communication Skills

Communication is the basis of relationships, especially within team settings where trust building becomes essential. Help managers of all levels develop their...
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Create a Holistic Employee Wellbeing Program

Employee wellbeing is critical for organizational success. To leverage your wellbeing program's full potential, ensure there is uptake and awareness among employees.
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Run Better Meetings

The pandemic introduced many to the importance of running meetings well, whether they are held in person, remotely, or in a hybrid delivery model. You have an opportunity...
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