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Employee Engagement Trends Report 2024

Insights, analysis, and benchmarking data from McLean & Company’s Employee Engagement Survey from 2019 to 2023.

Design an Employee Volunteer Program

People want to work for socially responsible organizations, and candidates evaluate employers based on their community involvement. Employee volunteer programs present...
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Making Sense of Generations in the Workplace

From “kids these days” to “OK, boomer”: A critical examination of generations in the workplace and their practical implications.

Sustain Work-From-Home

Sustain WFH by creating a planned, integrated, and supported program that maximizes the benefits of flexibility while supporting both organizational and employee needs.
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Return-to-Office Playbook

Many organizations are mandating that employees return to the office despite the popularity of remote and hybrid work and are facing employee backlash. Create and roll...
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Implement and Sustain Cultural Integration Post-Merger or Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are a popular strategy for organizational growth, yet most M&As are unsuccessful. Strategically integrate cultures after an M&A to drive...
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How to Be an Ally

Give employees the knowledge and tools they need to be allies in the workplace. The How to Be an Ally training deck learning objectives include defining allyship and...
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Flow State: A Gateway to Engagement, Performance, and Productivity

How your organization can activate the conditions for employees to achieve optimal results.

Introduction to Psychological Safety for HR

Use this guide to build a psychologically safe work environment where employees feel included and safe to learn, contribute, and challenge.
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Employee Engagement Trends Report 2023

Get key insights, analysis, and benchmarking data from McLean & Company’s Employee Engagement Survey data. Download the Employee Engagement Trends Report.
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