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Pandemic Survey Report

A new world and a new normal, with HR leading the way.

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This report captured input from 190 business professionals on their current pandemic procedures and future plans.

  • COVID-19 has disrupted the world as we know it. The need to adapt and keep up with the latest trends has never been more important.
  • Not all HR practices are created equal. It is important to separate effective practices from fads to prioritize initiatives that will provide the biggest impact for the organization.
  • Develop a talent strategy that enables the organization to find, retain, and maximize the value of top talent to achieve organizational goals.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • HR’s crisis communication responsibility is two-fold and challenging: communicating directly to the broader organization as well as providing the tools and resources needed for leadership to effectively communicate.
  • More organizations are cutting executive compensation than reducing employee base pay, speaking to lessons learned from the 2008/2009 financial crisis, when CEOs were vilified for putting their own paycheck ahead of employees.
  • For many organizations, the COVID-19 pandemic presents challenges that are largely people-centric. HR has an opportunity to step up and lead their organizations through the crisis.

Impact and Result

  • Use the data and analysis from McLean & Company’s Pandemic Survey Report to inform your HR strategic plan.
  • Discover five trends shaping the new normal of organizations and HR.
  • Understand which HR practices and trends have the biggest impact on organizational success and HR effectiveness.

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Inform post-pandemic plans and practices.

Guided Implementations

This guided implementation is a one call advisory process.

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