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An onboarding checklist should:

  • Group similar activities together.
  • Be organized along a timeline.
  • Include all items for which the task owner is responsible.

This sample master checklist will provide a starting point for individual checklists. To customize:

  • Add any missing items (pay close attention to housekeeping and compliance items)
  • Determine task owners and completion windows
  • Create separate task lists for each task owner

Make sure onboarding tasks aren’t forgotten by mandating the use of checklists for everyone involved in onboarding, from IT to the hiring manager.

Solution Set Steps

  1. Make the case for developing an onboarding program
  2. Assess administrative requirements
    • Sample Onboarding Checklist
  3. Plan your orientation program
  4. Create training for quick ramp-up time
  5. Address performance management needs

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Published: June 30, 2011
Last Revised: June 30, 2011


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