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Implement Flexible Succession Plans to Support Organizational Continuity

Succession plans are often focused on a few potential successors, leaving organizations vulnerable to turnover in critical roles. Succession plans are also ineffective...
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Implement Flexible Succession Plans to Support Organizational Continuity Storyboard

This storyboard will guide you through creating a succession plan for critical roles using role groups and talent pools so that you can become more agile in the...

Implement Flexible Succession Plans to Support Organizational Continuity Executive Briefing

Use this briefing to make the case for flexible succession planning to increase retention, reduce time to fill, and improve career development.

Flexible Succession Planning Tracking Tool

This tool will help you document and track the components of your flexible succession planning, including critical roles, role profiles, role groups, role group profiles,...

Talent Profile Guide

This template will help managers document their employees' credentials to understand if they are a proper fit for talent pools.

360 Degree Feedback Program Scoping Document Template

A scoping document is one of the most critical communications in a project. A proper scoping document makes it clear exactly what will and what will not be involved in a...

360 Degree Feedback Interpretation Worksheet

This worksheet will help employees analyze 360 degree feedback and determine their areas of strength to build upon and their areas of opportunity to address.

360 Feedback Program Employee Development Plan Template

While the form is not as important as the discussion, you must still capture the discussion in writing to keep track of the decisions that were made and who is...

Design a 360 Degree Feedback Program Storyboard

360 degree feedback, the aggregate feedback of employee performance based on the inputs of multiple raters who have worked with the employee, has been used for many...

Focus Group Guide

Use this guide to dig deeper to understand employee challenges and the effectiveness of current practices.
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