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Create an Internal Talent Mobility Playbook

Organizations are facing increasing skill shortages due to shifting demographics, new technologies, and evolving industries. Failure to prioritize “build over buy” in the...
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Create an Internal Talent Mobility Playbook Storyboard

A strong focus on internal talent mobility will lead to cost savings, retention of top talent, increased engagement, and an organizational structure where employees'...

Create an Internal Talent Mobility Playbook Executive Briefing

Use this document to help make the case to your executive team for implementing an internal talent mobility program within your organization to increase retention of top...

Internal Talent Mobility Playbook

Use this tool to assist in the development of your internal talent mobility program by documenting the output and outcomes of each pivotal activity throughout the process.

Internal Talent Mobility Program Document

Use this template to roll out the ITM program in your organization by communicating the company commitment and all relevant company policies.

Drive Business Value With an HRIS Strategy

Organizations expect HR to shift from administrative to strategic to unlock human capital and drive business value. Through the use of HR technology, HR is better...
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Drive Business Value With an HRIS Strategy Storyboard

Transform HR from peripheral business function to strategic business partner by creating an HRIS strategy that aligns with corporate objectives.

HRIS Readiness Assessment Checklist Template

The Readiness Assessment Checklist ensures your organization has completed essential tasks prior to moving forward with the HRIS project and presenting the final deliverable.

2018 HR Trends Report

Use McLean & Company’s 2018 HR Trends Report to discover new and exciting practices, reveal top priorities, and identify areas of improvement and strength.
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HR Trends Report for 2018

Each year, McLean & Company surveys business professionals to examine current practices and priorities in HR, and reveal emerging trends. This year’s report identifies...
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