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Build an Employee Mentoring Program

Support employees’ career and personal development with a customized mentoring program.

  • Different groups of employees have different mentoring needs, making a universal approach to mentoring ineffective.
  • Traditional mentoring in the workplace can be a resource intensive process, and often there are more employees looking to be mentored than mentors available.

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Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • All too often employee mentoring programs are inaccurately implemented as a solution to a problem. It is important to remember that an employee mentoring program is simply another learning method that must be applied and customized to the audience at the appropriate time to be impactful.

Impact and Result

  • Prior to establishing an employee mentoring program, take the time to ensure that a mentoring program is the right learning method.
  • Identify high-priority employee segments, and create a custom mentoring program plan tailored to their needs.
  • Create the appropriate resources and training to ensure that mentors and mentees are set up for success.
  • Evaluate and continuously improve the mentoring program to ensure it drives impact in the organization.

Build an Employee Mentoring Program Research & Tools

1. Frame the mentoring program

Determine if mentoring is appropriate, then devise mentoring goals and key metrics.

2. Design the mentoring program

Prioritize employee segments and design mentoring programs.

4. Launch LMS training

Instill learning throughout the organization. Import an interactive eLearning module into your business’ existing learning management system.

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Guided Implementation 1: Frame the mentoring program
  • Call 1: Discuss how to evaluate if mentoring is the right learning method.
  • Call 2: Review how to evaluate organizational and employee needs.
  • Call 3: Devise mentoring goals.

Guided Implementation 2: Design the mentoring program
  • Call 1: Discuss how to identify and prioritize employee segments.
  • Call 2: Review employee segments and four key decisions to create a mentoring program.

Guided Implementation 3: Implement the mentoring program
  • Call 1: Discuss mentor/mentee selection and matching.
  • Call 2: Evaluate approach to communicate and review mentoring training resources.
  • Call 3: Discuss process to disintegrate dysfunctional mentoring relationships.
  • Call 4: Review implementation and communication plan.


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  • Kathy Kram, Shipley Professor in Management, Boston University School of Management
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