Learning & Development - Tools & Templates

Network Activation Action Plan

As part of the Activate Networks to Enable Collaboration Training Deck, complete this action plan to document tangible things that you can do to help your team members...

Standard Focus Group Guide

Use this guide to gain deeper understanding of challenges and the effectiveness of current practices through focus groups.

Microlearning: How to Prioritize Your Work When Everything Feels Important

There are lots of challenges that we encounter, especially in today’s hybrid working world, that can make prioritization difficult. Use this microlearning to explore...

Individual Development Plan Template

The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a document created for the purpose of learning and growing. When goals are formally documented, it creates accountability for the...

Manager Development Program Needs Analysis Tool

Use the Manager Development Program Needs Analysis Tool to assess program needs and record manager expectations.

Manager Learning Path Tool

Use this tool to establish a learning path for manager development program participants.

Middle Manager Self-Assessment Tool

Use this tool to help managers own their personal development through self-assessment.

People Manager Conversation Template: Unsuccessful High-Potential Candidates

Use this template to help people managers navigate conversations with employees who have not been selected to participate in the high-potential program.

Learning Methods Catalog

Use this catalog to explore and understand common learning methods and their ideal uses.

Process Mapping Guide

Use this guide to understand process mapping best practices.
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