Leadership Development - Tools & Templates

Conflict Style Self-Assessment

Distribute this self-assessment to gain an understanding of the typical approach used when dealing with conflict and how it can help or harm the conversation.

Negotiation Participant Handbook

Use the participant workbook as a takeaway guide for training participants to reference during and after the Train Managers to Negotiate training session.

Negotiation Training Quiz

Use this quiz to assess the comprehension of core content from the Train Managers to Negotiate training.

Negotiation Role Play Classic Car

Use this template to role play a purchasing scenario between a car buyer and seller.

Negotiation Self-Assessment

Use this self-assessment tool to gauge the participants' comfort level with the topic prior to training and behavior change achieved after completion.

Negotiation Role Play Salary

Use this template to role play a talent acquisition scenario between a hiring manager and job candidate.

Negotiation Role Play Building Procurement

Use this template to role play a procurement scenario between a CFO and realtor.

Negotiation Role Play Department Resources

Use this template to role play a resourcing scenario between the CFO/CEO and the head of marketing.

L&D Strategy Interview Guide

Use this guide to find sample questions that can be used during L&D strategy interviews with senior leaders.

L&D Strategy Presentation Template

Use this template to present the L&D strategy to stakeholders.
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