Leadership Development - Tools & Templates

Performance Improvement Plan Template

Use this template to help managers organize the process, document the employees' action plan, and track their progress.

Reference Check Interview Templates

Use the Reference Check Interview Template when hiring for entry to mid-level roles. Use the Competency-Based Reference Check Template when hiring for professional and...

Team Charter Template

This template should be used to create a charter for your team. The charter formally outlines details including the team’s objectives, team membership, team ground rules,...

Leadership Development Business Case Template

Develop an effective business case for a tailored approach to leadership development to gain executive buy-in and support.

Training Deck: High-Impact Leadership – Effectively Resolve Conflicts

Managers have reported spending 18-26% of their time dealing with conflict. Providing managers with training on how to constructively manage conflict can improve...

Advanced Business Change Description Form

To effectively communicate with staff, it is important to put the business rationale behind changes and their expectations into writing. This will be very useful when...

Recruiting Calendar Template

Managers are often looking for a way to speed up the recruiting process, but there aren't always ways to expedite it. Use this Recruiting Calendar Template to communicate...

Candidate Communication Template

Use this template as a script for different candidate communication scenarios.

360 Feedback Interpretation and Development Plan Job Aid

Use this job aid to guide employees through their 360 feedback results and using this feedback to find areas to target with development efforts.

Difficult Conversations Quiz

Use this training quiz post-training to evaluate knowledge retention and understanding.
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