HR Strategy

HR Management & Governance Diagnostic Guide Storyboard

Use this workbook to launch the HR Management & Governance diagnostic in your organization.

HR Management & Governance Diagnostic Guide

Uncover insights on HR’s effectiveness across core HR areas. Use McLean & Company’s HRMG diagnostic and comprehensive methodology to improve HR service delivery.
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HR Organizational Alignment Diagnostic Workbook

Use this workbook to document key information, decisions, and progress as you work through the guide.

HR Organizational Alignment Diagnostic Guide Storyboard

Gain insight into stakeholder perception of HR performance and HR service importance to better align with stakeholder needs.

HR Organizational Alignment Diagnostic Guide

Compare key player satisfaction with HR effectiveness. Use McLean & Company’s HROA diagnostic to identify and support organizational and key player needs.
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Why Benchmarking May Not Be the Answer

This resource provides an overview of the limitations of external benchmarking from an organizational and HR perspective, the value of internal benchmarking, as well as...

Prepare for External Risks Storyboard

Organizations focus on operational and financial risks, often without considering the impact on talent. Proactively assessing risks allows the talent function to prepare...

External Risks Workbook

Use this workbook to capture key information throughout the risk analysis and to assist at various points with assessing and prioritizing.

Prepare for External Risks Executive Briefing

Use this briefing to make the case to your executives for proactively managing forecasted external risks to mitigate their impact on talent.

Case Studies: Prepare for External Risks

Refer to these case studies for examples of HR initiatives implemented to address the talent implications of external risks.
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