Change Management - Blueprints

Making Sense of Generations in the Workplace

From “kids these days” to “OK, boomer”: A critical examination of generations in the workplace and their practical implications.

Build a Change Sustainment Plan

Organizations invest a lot resources into change initiatives, but don’t see the return on investment. Download our research guide to develop sustainable change.
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Equip Managers to Navigate the Change Management Process

Download McLean & Company’s training solution set to build your change management strategies and confidently lead and support changes at your organization.
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Neuroscience and HR

Build evidence-based HR practices that work with the brain, not against it, to gain credibility with stakeholders and drive business results.
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How to Be an Effective Change Agent

Download our role guide and learn how to maximize a change agent’s ability to influence the success of an organizational change.
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How to Be a Successful Change Champion

Download our role guide and learn how to equip change champions with the strategies and knowledge they need to excel in their role and responsibilities.
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The Rise of Organizational Transparency

Transparency is here to stay. What level of transparency is best suited for your organization?

Activate Frontline Managers in Change Management

Given their proximity and daily interactions with employees, frontline managers are best suited to support employees through change. Equip frontline managers with the...
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Equip Managers to Lead Through Change

As organizations respond to the environment of today, change is inevitable. It brings with it excitement and new opportunities but can also be exhausting and...
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Build a Resilient HR Team

HR’s role is complex, emotionally draining, and high pressure, which often leads to chronic stress. Lack of HR resilience impacts the individuals, organizational success,...
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