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Refresh Organizational Vision, Mission, and Values to Improve Business Performance

Don’t assume that your vision, mission, and values are still relevant.

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  • Christina Giannone, Manager, Human Resources, Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada (HIROC)
  • Danielle Mandell, Chief Human Resources Officer, The Canadian Youth Business Foundation
  • Dr. David Vik, Founder, The Culture Secret
  • Dr. Irwin Jankovic, Strategic Program Manager, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
  • Rick Maurer, President & CEO, Maurer & Associates
  • Vivien Winneke, Vice President, Human Resources, Falken Tire

Your Challenge

  • HR leaders commonly see the need to update the organization’s vision, mission, and values, but fail to obtain executive buy-in; if the executive leadership team does not support the vision, mission, and values refresh, it is a pointless exercise.
  • Vision, mission, and values refresh projects are often plagued with poor communication; employees are left in the dark.
  • The refresh project will be ineffective unless employees align themselves with the vision, mission, and values.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Have each member of the executive leadership team complete a SWOT analysis for his or her individual area of responsibility. Use these insights to set an appropriate direction for the vision.
  • Employees tend to remember vision and values, but they have a hard time remembering the mission statements; if you have a very clear, well-articulated vision, you may not need to have a mission statement.
  • While the vision refresh is a top-down process, the values refresh should be a bottom-up process.

Impact and Result

  • Use this solution set to gain insight and advice on how to drive an effective vision, mission, and values refresh.
  • Create and present an effective business case to convince the executive leadership team to lead the refresh initiative.
  • Communicate effectively by identifying the power and interest of relevant stakeholders and using this information to inform the frequency, content, and method of communications.
  • Once the vision, mission, and values have been refreshed, launch an implementation plan to align the entire organization.

Research & Tools

1. Refresh organizational vision, mission, and values

Improve business performance.

2. Make the case for a refresh project

Obtain commitment for the project from key stakeholders.

3. Prepare for the vision, mission, and values refresh

Identify stakeholders that are relevant to the refresh project.

4. Refresh the vision

Initiate a vision refresh meeting.

5. Refresh the mission

Determine if the existing mission aligns with the vision.

6. Refresh the values

Assess the alignment between the current values and the mission/vision.

7. Implement the vision, mission, and values

Communicate the refreshed vision, mission, and values with all employees.

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Published: November 12, 2013
Last Revised: November 12, 2013