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Prepare for the Future of HR

Use McLean & Company’s 2019 HR Trends Report to see what the future of HR looks like and what sets leading HR departments apart.
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HR Trends Report for 2019

Each year, McLean & Company surveys business professionals to examine current practices and priorities in HR, and reveal emerging trends. This year’s report identifies...

Train Managers in the Art of Decision Making

In today’s business environment, leaders are failing more often than they are succeeding. One of the main root causes of leadership failure is poor decision making....
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Train Managers in the Art of Decision Making Training Deck

Train leaders to become effective decision makers that can gain stakeholder buy-in, reduce bias, manage groupthink and analysis paralysis, and drive overall decision...

Decision Making Participant Handbook

Use this handbook to collect information and participate in activities during training on decision making and as a reference guide post-training.

Decision Making Training Quiz

Use this quiz to assess the comprehension of decision-making training content.

Create a Talent Strategy

People are increasingly accepted as the key enabling factor that creates competitive advantage for organizations, and whose capabilities decide whether organizations...
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Create a Talent Strategy Storyboard

Without additional resources, HR departments must do more with less to provide value to the organization. Using a targeted talent strategy, HR can prioritize the most...

Create a Talent Strategy Executive Briefing

Use this briefing to make the case for a talent strategy that achieves the organization's goals with limited resources.

Strategy Discovery Tool

Use this tool to identify your knowledge gaps that will help ensure the talent strategy is focused on the right priorities, and pinpoint the relevant activities and...
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