HR Stakeholder Management Survey

Aligning HR’s goals with those of the business is crucial for HR department success

People costs represent the single biggest line item in the budget, which makes it critical that HR is aligned with the business and gets the most value out of the company’s employees. McLean & Company’s HR Stakeholder Management Survey is a low effort, high impact program that will give you detailed report cards on the alignment of HR with the business, including stakeholder satisfaction with HR’s core services and administration. Use these insights to prioritize key programs and planning efforts, assess stakeholders’ expectations of HR, and optimize HR and business alignment.

Understanding the needs of your stakeholders is the first and most crucial step in developing an HR strategy that impacts employee engagement and well being.

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Benefits of HR Stakeholder Management Survey

Key Stakeholders

  • Determine the HR needs of key stakeholders
  • Optimize HR and business alignment


  • Move beyond administration to deliver effective programs and planning
  • Establish trust between HR and the business


  • You can’t manage what you can’t measure
  • Stop flying blind


  • Find out business priorities for HR
  • Get the most value out of Resources
Benefits of HR Stakeholder Management Survey
HR Stakeholder Management Survey

Download And Preview Sample Report

McLean & Company's HR Stakeholder Management Survey is set up to apply to all organizations. Download a sample of the survey and report card you will receive from McLean & Company's core offering.

Report Preview Report

Overall Report Cards

HR Satisfaction Report Card


A scorecard that annually measures the satisfaction of your key decision makers.

You Get:

  • Overall HR Satisfaction & Value
  • HR Stakeholder Support Breakdown
  • HR Relationship Satisfaction
  • Core Services Satisfaction
  • Top Business Priorities


No activity or project is more important than showing the company you care enough to measure their satisfaction once a year.

So You Can:

Show you care about satisfaction and communicate:

  • HR Relationship Satisfaction
  • Top Business Priorities for HR
  • Core HR Services Satisfaction

HR Alignment & Capacity Scorecard


A capacity and alignment scorecard that summarizes the opinion of HR and HR’s ability to deliver on programs and tasks.

You Get:

  • Business trust and alignment with HR
  • Trust and alignment by department
  • Satisfaction with capacity for administration, programs, and planning
  • Capacity satisfaction by department


The business often doesn’t realize the impact that investment in HR can have on the business. Prove that current demands and the potential for proactive development mandate increased investment in HR.

So You Can:

  • Demonstrate demands for HR and HR’s potential to the CEO and Executives
  • Communicate capacity and alignment issues to:
    • HR
    • Business Leaders

Department Report Cards

Stakeholder Satisfaction Report Cards


Individual department report cards that summarize satisfaction and alignment with HR for each department, compared against the company average.

You Get:

  • HR Satisfaction & Value by department
  • Capacity Metrics by department
  • HR Relationship Satisfaction by department
  • Core Satisfaction by department


Individual department HR scorecards which measure each department’s satisfaction and alignment with HR.

So You Can:

  • Manage the needs of individual Business Leaders and their teams
  • Communicate results to Individual Business Leaders

Satisfaction by Department


A view of all department results in one spot.

You Get:

  • Department Satisfaction score
  • Department Trust score
  • Department Partnership score
  • Department Top Ranked HR Service


You can use this view to compare the departments by Satisfaction, Trust and Partnership scores.

So You Can:

  • Prioritize which departments to focus on first
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