Talent Management - Storyboard

Create a People-First Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy Storyboard

A people-first diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy sets the stage to address systemic issues that undermine the employee experience.

Develop an Impactful High-Potential Program Storyboard

A hi-po program purposefully identifies employees and provides them with targeted development. However, a lack of clarity around the hi-po definition leads to the wrong...

Design and Build a Strategic Workforce Planning Toolkit Storyboard

The nature of work is rapidly changing. Prepare to address changing needs by creating a workforce planning process that addresses critical talent needs in the organization.

Modernize Performance Management Storyboard

Modernize performance management by selecting and customizing the following building blocks to meet your organization’s needs: process, goal setting, competencies,...

Adapt Performance Management for Teams Storyboard

As team structures have become more common, performance management has remained individualistic. Using a team-based performance management model encourages collaboration...

Identify Skills of the Future Storyboard

Not having skills available when they are needed can negatively affect a company’s performance. Proactively planning to develop future skills, rather than reacting to the...

Bring Employees Back to the Workplace Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic Storyboard

COVID-19 has introduced many challenges to the workforce, and it is not over yet. As the curve flattens and governments call for reopenings, organizations need to plan...

Manage Poor Performance While Working From Home Storyboard

Support managers to address poor performance with remote employees while emergency work-from-home (WFH) measures are in place.

Training Deck: Equip Managers to Lead Through Informed Trust and Accountability

Use this training deck to conduct management training sessions on informed trust and accountability. Customize this training deck with your organization's internal...

Equip Managers to Improve Poor Performance Storyboard

Managers are hesitant to deal with low performance due to a lack of understanding on how to address issues and the difficult nature of these conversations. Provide...
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