Learning & Development

Storyboard: Train Managers to Handle Difficult Conversations

Many managers fail to communicate when it comes to handling difficult conversations. Understand why you should train managers in this area and how you can get managers to...

Neuroscience and HR Storyboard

Neuroscience provides hard evidence for the importance of soft skills in HR. Use it to show stakeholders how people practices affect the bottom line.

Training Deck: Train Managers on the Art of Influence

Use this training to understand what influence really is, what the four behaviors of a successful influencer are, and how you can use these behaviors to tailor your...

Develop a Comprehensive Onboarding Plan Executive Briefing

Use this briefing to make the case for an onboarding program that acclimates, guides, and develops new hires.

Training Deck: Foster Effective Feedback in the Workplace – Manager Training

Train managers to effectively give, receive, ask for, and act on feedback to improve employee engagement and innovation.

Build a Mentoring Program Executive Briefing

Use this briefing to make the case for a customized mentoring program to support a larger L&D framework.

Training Deck: Effectively Navigate Conflict

Use this training deck to train managers to recognize the many roles that people managers take on in conflict management, choose appropriate conflict management...

Create a Learning and Development Strategy Storyboard

Creating a learning and development (L&D) strategy can be difficult, especially in terms of making one that is tactical and easy to implement. Use this storyboard to...

Enable the Transition to Leadership for First-Time Managers Executive Briefing

Use this document to make the case to your executives for building a first-time manager program to support new people leaders in the organization.

Improve Poor Employee Performance

This interactive eLearning module will help managers identify the root causes for poor employee performance and devise strategies to address them at an early stage and in...
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