HR Operations - Blueprints

Develop an Offboarding Plan to Manage Risk and Transition Employees Effectively

Employee exits, whether voluntary or involuntary, are an inevitable part of conducting business. Few organizations have done enough to adequately prepare for short-notice...
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HR Budgeting Guide

Use this guide to understand key concepts related to organizational budgeting, establish HR’s role as a strategic business partner in the budgeting process, and review...
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Develop a Sound HR Business Case to Accelerate Buy-In

Many HR initiatives are complex and expensive and require a significant amount of planning to implement successfully. A financial business case is sometimes used to...
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Organizational Retirement Preparation Guide

Retirement is a complex process for organizations to navigate. The Organizational Retirement Preparation Guide provides HR departments with guides and templates and the...
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Guide to Measuring the ROI of HR Programs

Measuring the value of HR programs demonstrates how HR investments contribute to the financial success of the organization, elevating HR's role as a strategic partner.
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Inclusive Language Guide

Embedding inclusive language in written communications ensures organizations use language that acknowledges the diverse identities of the audience to foster respect and...
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