Workshop: Manage Stakeholder Relations

Use this workshop outline to complete a two-day workshop for the Manage Stakeholder Relations project.

Conflict Style Self-Assessment

Distribute this self-assessment to gain an understanding of the typical approach used when dealing with conflict and how it can help or harm the conversation.

Manage C-Suite Conflict and Increase Collaboration Executive Briefing

‚ÄčThis executive briefing consists of a high-level overview of the importance of managing C-suite conflict and increasing collaboration.

Manage C-Suite Conflict and Increase Collaboration

Unhealthy conflict in the executive team can derail even the best strategy. It can result in a lack of collaboration and negatively impact the organization. If executives...
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Manage C-Suite Conflict and Increase Collaboration Storyboard

Align the C-suite and address unhealthy conflict that undermines the achievement of organizational goals.

HR Stakeholder Profile Template

Before reaching out to the C-suite, refresh your understanding of their interactions, power dynamics, and the relationship you have with each of them.

C-Suite Collaboration Assessment Questionnaire

The C-Suite Collaboration Assessment Questionnaire will enable you to compare opinions across the C-suite, uncovering the root of the conflict and establishing a clear...

C-Suite Collaboration Assessment Tool

Use the C-Suite Collaboration Assessment Tool to help you understand the issues that are impacting the level of collaboration in your C-suite .

Individual C-Suite RACI Template

Ask C-suite executives to reflect on the processes they are involved in to establish role clarity for each member of the C-suite team.

C-Suite RACI Matrix Comparison Tool

Complete the C-Suite RACI Matrix Comparison Tool to see overlap in C-suite roles, easily compare responses to see if the overlap is necessary and if it is a source of...
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