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Training Deck: Manage Virtual Teams

Use this training deck to conduct management training sessions on managing virtual teams.

Manage Virtual Teams Participant Handbook

This handbook provides trainees with relevant information covered during the Train Managers to Effectively Manage Virtual Teams training sessions.

Manage Virtual Teams Action Plan

Use this template to work through next steps and improvement plans with training participants.

Virtual Team Questionnaire

Managers will use this questionnaire to gather feedback from team members about leadership preferences, work-life expectations, and their perspectives of time.

Manage Virtual Teams Training Session Feedback Form

Use this evaluation form to gather participant feedback on training at the conclusion of the session in order to improve content and facilitation of future sessions.

Team Effectiveness Questionnaire

Use this briefing to make the case to your executives to improve team effectiveness for organizational benefit.

Team Effectiveness Assessment Tool

Use this tool to quickly identify focus areas for team improvement.

Improve Team Effectiveness Facilitation Guide

Use this template to debrief teams on team effectiveness assessment results and begin action planning for improvement.

Improve Team Effectiveness Action Plan

Use this tool to outline the necessary steps to achieve effective team performance.

Training Deck: Empower Managers to Take Ownership of Employee Engagement

As a manager, your biggest impact on engagement comes from having employees’ trust and building positive relationships with them.
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