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Build a Total Rewards Statement

Summarize the value of the organization’s Total Rewards offering.

  • 43% of organizations are experiencing the challenge of a lack of employee understanding of the value of Total Rewards (Thomsons, 2017).
  • However, it’s not enough to simply provide employees with Total Rewards (TR) statements – employees must actively review and understand them. HR needs to partner with managers so TR statements live up to their promise.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Use TR statements to develop or reinforce the employee value proposition (EVP). Remind employees that they receive more than just a salary.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of the various items of the Total Rewards offering. Enable employees to make informed comparisons against competitor offerings.
  • Improve pay transparency. Help managers conduct effective pay conversations with employees.

Impact and Result

  • Greater employee awareness and understanding of the entire value of their Total Rewards package, reinforcing the EVP.
  • Improved pay conversations between employees and managers, ensuring the right message gets across.

Build a Total Rewards Statement

1. Identify items to include and audit Total Rewards data

Determine items of the Total Rewards package that can be included in the statement, given data availability and quality.

2. Design the Total Rewards statement

Create a statement that effectively communicates the value of the Total Rewards offering.

3. Distribute and obtain feedback

Identify the most effective way to distribute and obtain feedback on the Total Rewards statements.

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