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Authority Matrix

The Authority Matrix template can be used by managers to provide basic guidelines around decision-making boundaries. It ensures employees understand what is in and what...

Make the Case to Build a Culture of Recognition to Drive Engagement

Use this presentation template to make the case to executives for building a culture of recognition, in order to drive engagement.

Storyboard: Create a Culture of Recognition to Drive Engagement, Improve Retention, and Increase Profitability

The existence of a recognition program isn’t enough. Create a culture of recognition by developing training & support and providing resources for informal recognition.

Training Deck: Train Managers to Provide Timely and Effective Recognition

Managers play a critical role in recognition, yet most organizations do not train them on its importance and how to use it effectively. Use McLean & Company's...

Management Training

Ongoing training is crucial in advancing the professional development goals of your managers. McLean & Company's management training modules are storyboards that are...

Recognition and Appreciation - Non-Profit Policy

Timely employee recognition is crucial to employee engagement. This template provides a comprehensive framework for a recognition and appreciation program in a non-profit...

Employee Recognition and Rewards Policy

Recognizing the accomplishments of staff can have significant positive influence over a workforce. Fairly and equitably distributing rewards and recognizing excellence...
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