Talent Acquisition Strategy and Process - Tools & Templates

TA Structure Workbook

Use this workbook to document key information about the current and future state, design principles, TA activities, jobs, and reporting structure.

TA Headcount Guide

Use this guide to help inform the required quantity of positions for each job.

TA Headcount Calculator

Use this calculator to assist with headcount calculations based on target requisitions.

TA Structure Catalog

Use this catalog to view examples of various TA structures.

TA Role Catalog

Use this catalog to view examples of TA jobs and become familiar with the activities that commonly fall under them.

TA Structure Presentation Template

Use this presentation template to create a customized presentation.

Standard Project Charter

This template should be used to create a charter for your project team with a formal outline and sign-off of key project information.

Process Mapping Guide

Use this guide to understand process mapping best practices.

HR Metrics Library

This library consists of an extensive list of potential HR metrics that apply to all functions of HR. Use this library to find metrics that are applicable to your...

Candidate Experience Best Practices Action Guide

Use this guide as a reference for candidate experience best practices and action steps to implement them.
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