Talent Acquisition - Tools & Templates

EVP Scorecard

Use this tool to discover areas of the EVP that require revision before it is launched to market.

Employee Value Proposition Workbook

Drafting a strong EVP requires multiple steps and iteration. Use the Employee Value Proposition Workbook to plan for and document the outcomes of each step.

Executive Feedback Presentation Template

Customize this template to create a presentation to share the EVP draft with executives.

Talent Implications Checklist

Use this checklist to help identify talent implications from your organization's strategy that will inform HR strategy and priorities.

Inclusive Hiring: A Guide for Managers

Use this guide in conjunction with the Equip Managers to Recruit Quality Staff training or as a standalone resource for tips on inclusive hiring for managers.

Sourcing Presentation Template

Customize this template to create a sourcing approach presentation to share with stakeholders.

Employee Value Proposition Presentation Template

Use this template to develop a customized EVP presentation for organizational stakeholders.

Employee Referral Program Playbook

Use this tool to document goals, design decisions, budget, and progress to continually improve the employee referral program.

Employee Referral Policy Template

Use this template to record your referral program policy and ensure clear employee referral expectations.

Human Resources Competency Library

This comprehensive HR competency library will help you select and develop your technical HR competencies.
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