Talent Acquisition - Solution Sets

Adapt the Talent Acquisition Process to a Virtual Environment

COVID-19 pushed organizations to shift to a remote environment, requiring TA to adjust its process to accommodate this change. Although some TA activities are easily...
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Build an Employee Referral Program

Concerned about acquiring and retaining talent, organizations are looking to employee referrals as an untapped candidate source. Employee referrals have many advantages,...
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Streamline the Internal Hiring Process

Many organizations are experiencing hiring challenges due to a tight labor market and growing skills gap. Internal hiring can help increase hiring efficiency, lower...
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Plan for High-Volume Recruitment

The demand for talent is high, and organizations are struggling to fill roles. High-volume recruitment (HVR) is the process of filling a higher than average number of...
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Equip Managers to Recruit Quality Staff

Misalignment between HR and hiring managers on talent acquisition processes are causing inefficiencies. Improve alignment and talent acquisition quality equipping hiring...
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Build a Customized Campus Recruitment Program

Campuses are a great source of talent, but organizations don’t effectively engage with schools to target the right talent. Organizations continue to use traditional...
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Determine the Right Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution for Your Organization

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is emerging as a widely adopted solution to improve Talent Acquisition effectiveness. There are many reasons behind this growth,...
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Design In-House Assessments That Improve Hiring Success

Most organizations conduct at least one assessment (usually an interview). However, according to CareerBuilder, one in five survey respondents stated they lacked the...
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Increase the Efficiency of the Talent Acquisition Process

Organizations are increasingly finding it difficult to acquire quality candidates efficiently. Talent acquisition specialists (TASs) are overwhelmed with the quantity of...
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Implement a Job Rotation Program

Employees want more development and career opportunities, while organizations need to identify qualified candidates to fill key vacancies as they arise. Job rotation...
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