Learning & Development

Enable the Transition to Leadership for First-Time Managers

Developing managers is akin to developing leaders, and although executive leadership programs are sexier and more high profile, they may also come too late. Proactively...
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Build a Mentoring Program

Many organizations have introduced mentoring programs without clearly defining the need and goal of the program – they simply jumped on the mentoring bandwagon. Mentoring...
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HR Metrics Library

This library consists of an extensive list of potential HR metrics that apply to all functions of HR. Use this library to find metrics that are applicable to your...

Job Rotation Performance and Development Plan

Use this template to create a tailored development plan for job rotation participants.

Performance Improvement Plan Template

Use this template to help managers organize the process, document the employees' action plan, and track their progress.

Negotiate With Empathy

Negotiating is often thought of negatively. However, negotiation helps us find common ground. Help managers negotiate with empathy to achieve objectives and strengthen...
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Implement a Job Rotation Program

Employees want more development and career opportunities, while organizations need to identify qualified candidates to fill key vacancies as they arise. Job rotation...
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Training Deck: Train Managers to Master Difficult Conversations

Avoiding difficult conversations can negatively impact employees, the HR department, and the business’ bottom line. Give managers the confidence and skills they need to...

Job Rotation Interview Guide and Assessment Template

Use this template to facilitate panel interviews of job rotation applicants.

Train Managers to Influence Organizational Stakeholders

Conventional wisdom dictates that projects or tasks are directed by a designated leader using their inherent authority, experience, or inspiration to sustain desired...
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