Learning & Development - Blueprints

Navigate the Complexities of HR Facilitation

HR professionals can use this resource to help them prepare in advance of facilitation, guide shared insight generation during facilitated sessions, and manage...

Manage Teams to Drive Results

Leaders of leaders can use this resource to learn tactical strategies to navigate through goal setting, disengagement, and handling complex performance management issues...

Presentation Skills for Managers

Support leaders in building their confidence by demonstrating what a great presenter looks and sounds like and enabling them to improve their presentation skills.
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Overcome the Challenges of Project Management

HR professionals can use this resource to help them overcome barriers in the project management process by understanding the current state, aligning with decision maker...

Build an Employee Mentoring Program

Use our research guide to build a successful employee mentoring program that supports employees’ career and personal development.
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Adopt Risk-Taking and Management Strategies

HR can distribute this learning resource to leaders of leaders to develop their risk-taking and management practices within their portfolios and drive organizational goals.

Leverage Business Acumen and Financial Literacy

Leaders of leaders can use this resource to increase their organization awareness, inform their decision making, and strengthen their influence in the organization

Train Managers on the Art of Influence

Empower leaders to influence across the organization on all levels using the four behaviors of a successful influencer.
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Flow State: A Gateway to Engagement, Performance, and Productivity

How your organization can activate the conditions for employees to achieve optimal results.

Learn and Lead Through Influence

Leaders of Leaders can use this resource to develop and leverage their professional influence to achieve organizational goals.
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