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Accelerate Your Impact as a CHRO

Industry disruption, organizational complexity, technological changes, and external risks are continuing to change the world of work and, as a result, the role of the...
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Navigate Team Dynamics

Leaders are responsible for creating a team environment that allows team members to successfully achieve common goals. Help managers of all levels effectively navigate...
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Foster Effective Feedback Skills

Giving, asking for, receiving, and acting on feedback is an important organizational tool. Feedback enhances employee engagement, organizational innovation, the impact of...
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Reimagine Learning in the Face of Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis like no other. The economic impacts and labor disruptions are keeping HR leaders focused on damage control and workforce planning. The...
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Adapt Your Onboarding Process to a Virtual Environment

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to make sudden changes to the way they conduct work. Many organizations that don’t normally work remotely had to shift...
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Equip Managers to Engage in Career Development Discussions With Employees

Teach managers to help their employees identify opportunities for development, set development goals, and discuss career paths. Entrench their learning by using this...
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Equip Managers to Create High-Performing Teams

Creating and managing a high-performing team requires in-depth understanding of the skill gaps, interpersonal tendencies, and development opportunities. Train managers to...
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Equip Managers to Improve Poor Performance

Addressing low performance is difficult, but the benefits of doing so are substantial. Provide training to help managers to more effectively address poor employee...
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Train Managers to Negotiate

Managers use negotiation frequently, but this doesn’t mean they are successful in finding the most beneficial outcome for all parties involved. A lack of confidence and...
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Business Acumen for HR Professionals

Understand and apply the fundamentals of business acumen in the context of its relation to human resources. By gaining essential knowledge of the organization, its...
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