HR Operations - Tools & Templates

Knowledge Transfer Template

Use this template to ensure that job-related knowledge is not lost when employees voluntarily leave the organization.

HR Action and Communication Plan

Use this template to establish the actions and communications required to implement the project.

Termination Logistics Tool

Use this tool to carry out and communicate terminations smoothly through thoughtful planning and consideration of the termination's impact.

Voluntary Departure Letter Template

Use this template to provide voluntarily departing employees with key information prior to leaving the organization.

Social Media Metrics Tracking Tool

Use this tool to evaluate social media efforts and identify areas for improvement in posted content and across media channels by recording key metrics performance.

Editorial Calendar Template

Use this template to determine the type of content to be shared across social media platforms, assign content authors, and schedule content posts.

HR Social Media Plan

Use this template to document social media goals, evaluate current social media practices, and record guidelines.

Social Media Boolean Search Tool

Use this tools to customize, create, and execute Boolean search strings for a variety of roles and platforms.

HR Policy Needs and Priority Assessment Tool

Use this tool to perform a needs assessment as the first step to tackling the development of new policies or overhauling an existing policy portfolio.

Policy Template

Use this Policy Template to draft comprehensive and consistent policies.
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