HR Operations - Tools & Templates

Open-Ended Response Data Cleaning and Coding Template

Use this tool to clean and code responses to open-ended diagnostic/survey questions.

Focus Group Data Template

Use this tool to organize focus group session notes and code the responses.

HR Budget Business Case Presentation Template

Customize this template to create a business case presentation for the HR budget to share with key stakeholders.

HR Budgeting Workbook

Use this workbook to capture key budgeting information in one place.

Policy Template

Use this template to draft comprehensive and consistent policies.

HR Policy Effort Assessment Tool

Use this tool to evaluate time required for policy development/revision to effectively outline a plan policy.

Policy Receipt Acknowledgement Template

Use this form to receive acknowledgement of distributed policies from new or current employees.

Policy Violation Letter Template

Use this template to draft an official policy violation letter once guilt of transgression is proven.

Crisis Communication Guides

Use these guides to create organizational communications that are calm and transparent and reinforce the business continuity plan.

Termination Costing Tool

Use the Termination Costing Tool to calculate the total cost of an involuntarily departing employee's termination package. Customize the tool to suit your organization's...
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